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Today is the first day and the first sentence of this new project. A blog about my work as a jeweler, under my signature LaBé.
The truth is that I had a blog before, but its form, its content; let’s go what I meant by it was totally different.

In that first blog, which lasted a few months, I rushed to write the posts. I’ve never been especially good at this writing thing. When I was a child, I was always suspended from the subject of language, that if you miss spelling, that if a syntax of horror, …, so the mere idea of facing to write my own texts, with more than two sentences, terrified me and I discarded it.

Taking a course

Besides, I’ve never been very clear that my thoughts or experiences had any special interest to write about it.

I hate such a pretentious idea in which I can come to believe that my mental turmoil has universal value. I looked for a way, therefore, to avoid that trance of writing texts. I used small pieces of works of real universal value and attached them to photos of my pieces. Many of these texts actually formed part of the works themselves or inspired them.

As I said before, this blog did not last more than two or three months. I have to admit that if you have a minimum of seriousness in these things, you need to dedicate an important time to it, and at that moment either I didn’t have it or my interest in the blog wasn’t big enough. So he died shortly after birth.
I try again.
Here I am, with my second try and this time in a big way. Writing the texts myself!

Working at Stoneworkshop

I still find it worryingly pretentious, but there I go, no net. It’s true, I’m relaxed by the idea that no one is going to read this kind of diary, which I just started today, so with this image in my head I’ve put myself into it.
There are several things I want to achieve and of course the first is to show me if I can write a text once and for all. It is a great challenge for me. This means thinking about a subject and looking into it, looking for information if necessary, looking for photos to accompany it, correcting, re-correcting. A few hours we go.

All this will be good, because in a certain sense, it will force me to put my ideas in order, which I don’t usually do. In addition to having to choose topics I will be able to see where my interests are centered. It seems like something we all know, but many times I’m not sure.

Evidently, my objective, or because I do all this, is to make my work as a jeweler visible, in this virtual world that has opened the doors of the most hidden corner of the world. Try to accompany my work with something else. Something that can bring me closer to the people out there.

I was used to the exhibition system, where you mount and present your work, then it’s up to you to defend it live. But the internet has changed all this. Now you don’t wait for someone to ask you, now everything has to be in advance. It is such the information that we handle that we already expect it, we take it for granted.
The channels through which we communicate are absolutely different from those I had when I started in this world. But it’s fascinating to know that your work can go anywhere. Never before has the world seemed so manageable.

Although all this is a counterpart. Everything must be more careful, with more control. You used to show your work and the people you loved approached you. Now you are the one who should look for and you do it presenting a good work with a series of explanations that some time ago were not so necessary. The explanation must accompany the work. Once all this information has been evaluated, when someone decides to contact you, if they are interested in what you have offered them.

It’s another way, and it’s very interesting. It forces me to go ahead, to be prepared. I have no idea how the blog will go, but I have to admit that I am especially excited to start this new project.
How far will I go?

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