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What a mess! If they tell me, I don’t believe it. Me writing, and also writing essays of more than five hundred words and voluntarily. I can’t believe it! But these are the consequences of wanting to start working with what are called blogs and having a presence in cyberspace. It’s almost like going back to high school when the teacher asked you to write a paper about what he had been explaining that week and gave you a deadline and you needed a minimum of words, and no mistakes!

I admit that in the first attempt I made, and in some others as well, I couldn’t stop counting the number of words I had at each moment. That’s what keeps me writing on paper. The keyboard and I don’t get along very well, and I always have the feeling that I’m getting more messed up.

So here I am saying words like absolute novice in these lides. There are days when everything seems to flow and others when each word costs a world.

Organizing, structuring, syntax or evil spelling are some of the things I’m going to have to deal with now and unfortunately they’ve never been good friends of mine. But this time I’m going to make it.

I imagine that like anything else we propose, everything is a matter of practice. Not to be too hard on yourself but to keep trying day by day. Only then will I begin to improve and to make it easier and more fluid.

I find it curious to see how I can always talk to myself about anything, but when I want to choose a topic so that I can write about it, none comes to mind. So I’ve started to make a list of possible topics for when I can’t think of anything.

For the zotes like me who suspended spelling as true professionals, technology has made our lives enormously easier, and although we have to be careful – Mr. Google is not all powerful and is wrong – we have an important part already done by the computer itself.

But what about the structure? How can I not get lost in my own ideas?

I know many people will find this ridiculous, but for my five hundred or more words it’s a whole world to lose myself in, to change my mind or to conclude about onions when I started talking about trucks. Because, of course, people study to be able to write well, and they are not easy careers.

Becoming a Maruja Torres or an Elvira Lindo is an arduous and very laborious path. You take a book or a press article or a blog, for example, and everything seems very simple. One person sat down and began to put a word behind the other and voilá, that’s it. But this has nothing to do with reality, where you have to structure, write, correct and restructure, change, write and correct. So until everything takes shape and it seems that it was always like that.

It reminds me of when I build my pieces, trying to make the ending seem as simple as possible, but of course, that’s my language. With words I will have to work hard, learn their rules and regulations, to get to know each other and recognize each other little by little. So even who knows where. And all this is 572 words.

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