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It took me a long time to find it, but I finally got it. I needed to find a special place for me in the city. A place where I could go alone and relax, be with my thoughts, be able to draw a little, or just be watching people pass by, nothing more.

One of the places where you can have a drink and enjoy the environment

The truth is that I’ve had my eye on this place before, I don’t know why, but I didn’t dare come in. From the outside it wasn’t clear to me what kind of space it was, I mean that I wasn’t able to know if it was a space open to the general public or on the contrary I belonged to some kind of association that restricted access. I was only able to see the corner of a beautiful garden.

The posters outside spoke of different types of courses and activities – all this according to my poor understanding of German.

But there it was. Every day on my way back from class, I would walk through the door and always have a look. Certain details seemed to indicate that it was a place open to everyone. From the street I could clearly see several tables and some beautiful Japanese umbrellas, which in my opinion indicated that it was some kind of drinking place. But you never saw many people, which was strange to me because it seemed like a very cozy place.

This is what you could see from the outside.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t dare go through the door, shame, shyness, the language problem, I don’t know. The point is that I didn’t go through the door.

Of course, the day came to cross that entrance, but surely now I would not be writing this.

During the month of July one of my companions of adventures in this Exchange left. She finished her experience here and we all got together one last time. The farewell ritual and, well, to take stock of all those things we’ve lived together. It was the first one that ended and left.

I have to admit that it wasn’t my decision, but hers. In the most natural way she asked me: -If we take something here?

-I don’t know if it’s a place to take something, it’s not clear to me.

The simple answer she gave me still stings.

-Then we went in and asked.

The doors of the special place opened.

-Of course, go ahead, of course you can have something, whatever you want: coffee, tea, some juice,…

And it was worth going in.

Another nice corner

It’s a small corner that belongs to an academy gallery, that’s why the posters. There they celebrate acts related to the gallery as inaugurations. But when they don’t have any event, it’s open to the general public.

It is a small corner where everything invites you to sit down and have good conversations. In winter they light the fireplace and there is a space surrounded by sofas. Good music and no stridency, something I love. And of course, there are plenty of places to look and lose yourself. Each table is different and has its own personality. Sculptures, jewelry, small objects such as small orange porcelain fishes, furniture… there is everything and everything deserves a moment of attention.

After this first day, I have repeated several. Alone, with my notebook. I chose a table and sat down. I let myself be enveloped by the atmosphere, without haste, with nothing to do. Simply to be.

One more corner, no matter where I look, I love this place.
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