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“Summer vacations”, more than the title of a post, seems to be the title of a song, but there is no better way than with these three words to describe those few days (at least few for me) in which we take the suitcase and escape to a place X. I can’t avoid imagining myself choosing X turning a ball of the world and placing my finger, randomly, on any destination, but reality is not like that because money conditions and you have to be a little responsible.

View from a viewpoint of Cagliari

Sometimes, they are great trips, to distant places and with many hours of airplane (not everything could be fun), and other times they are more modest, but not because of it, less interesting.

To me, this year, my X trip has taken me seven days to Cagliari, to enjoy the city and the beach.

Can you ask for more?

So are many of the streets of the old case

But today, in front of the computer, writing this post about my holidays, I can only say that I’m sad because it’s over. I landed yesterday back after a fantastic week in the capital of Sardinia. It doesn’t go into my head how fast vacation days always go by.

Façade of the house where we were staying

One of the things I take into account when I travel is that it doesn’t end up becoming something more exhausting than the days of work, countless excursions, endless visits, every imaginable museum and church, visits each and every one of the charming little villages in the surrounding area.

What’s up! We’ve come to rest!

Fun discovery near the Roman amphitheatre

It’s true that when you travel little, like me, you want to make the most of it. Enter the anxiety of not leaving anything unseen.

(Like I hate it when someone asks you, “Did you see this or that? And you can only answer NO).

Luckily, over the years I have realized that my memories are better if I take things easy.

So now when I plan a trip I take into account several things.

Enjoying the Plaza Domenico with a good local wine

The first and most important, even most important of the place we’re going, is WHO I’m going with.

If you can not tell a story not to sleep gift from a fellow traveler, who ended up turning a wonderful vacation into a nonsense, please throw the first stone.

Therefore, point number one GOOD COMPANY.

This means, for me, someone with ideas and interests similar to mine when it comes to travel.

My second point is to be clear that holidays are for rest and enjoyment, which leads me to the conclusion that if I want to enjoy I have to rest.

We came across several of these sculptures. I loved them, but I didn’t discover the artist’s name.

Some time ago I decided that one less museum and one more terrace is a good solution to the excess of things to do.

Everything becomes more relaxed, and also allows me to get to point three.

Talking to new people, meeting people who live in the cities I visit, relating to the environment… all this is what will populate my memories in the future.

I realize that when I speak of my travels, of some place where I have been, I always end up telling the stories of people who have joined me, who I knew, where I was, why we started talking. The buildings and streets end up in a kind of disaster drawer in my head that I rarely remember, and when I do everything is mixed, but the stories with people, those always stay with me.

This summer, Cagliari (100% recommended), the company, the city, the food… everything has been great, although, now, the time has come to turn it into a souvenir of the summer of 2019.

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