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Counting my trip to Copenhagen, in a few words, is an impossible task. As I plan to write about a place we’ve been to, five more come to mind. So I’m going to try to be succinct.


Well, I’m going to try not to be so short.

View of the houses from the famous Nihavn canal, one of the symbols of the city of Copenhagen

At home, I looked for information about Copenhagen and two things stood out above everything else.  The first is that it’s very far north, I’ve always been a zero to the left in geography and I didn’t imagine it so far up. But, it is also the south of the Scandinavian countries, you see, everything depends on the point of view from which we look. The second thing is how expensive it is. All the websites I looked at highlighted it, even saying that it is the most expensive city in Europe.

The money with which we began this adventure

Please, more expensive than London or Paris, where we are going to end up.

This meant, in turn, two things, having to borrow a coat jacket, but really warm (those of us who live in Valencia know what I mean) and assume that we would have to juggle money.

Both achieved!

In the canals of Christiania it was not difficult to see sunken ships

We have walked without rest (means of transport of the low budget), the bambolla that I carry in my left foot corroborates it, and of course, to be all day in the street, something of cold also we have passed. But all these apparent hardships have allowed us to know incredible and unexpected places.

One of the big conflicts was food.

When you make this type of trip, two or three days, you try to make the most of it, as well as getting to know some of the local gastronomy. The way people eat in a city says many things about how they are. But in Copenhagen it is quite expensive to eat in a restaurant, so we had to look for alternatives.

This is what the entrance to Copenhagen Central Station looks like, not one more
bike comes in.

Thanks to this reduced budget we have found incredible places: the famous food trucks, such as the Reffen, which is very far away but is a fantastic place. There are plenty of stalls with food from all over the world. They are areas of the city where you can eat at a good price and spend a very pleasant time talking to the person next to you, but there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that it seems that it is not common to order drinks, the menus that offer them do not include them and as a rule they are quite expensive. The second is that they do not admit physical money, it is necessary to pay with card in all the street stalls.

One of the many sculptures you can find in the streets of Copenhagen

Another option that we have explored, are the free buffets. We ended up in the SAMOS Restaurant, with Greek food and it was love at first sight, we loved it! And all for about 14 €. Oriental food venues are also a very good and tasty option.

But even on such a tight budget, we were able to get into the JazzCup, a small place that is in Gothersgade 107, and where once you’ve sat you don’t want to go anymore. It’s a live concert hall, record shop and coffee shop all at once, where good music, cozy decor, charming owner and a very rich and VERY cheap coffee, make a combination of ten, you couldn’t ask for more.

About to cross into Christiania

Evidently we have walked without end (there is the option of the bikes, but we opted for the legs) and what to say:

Canals all over the city, the famous Nyhavn, the free city of Christiania, palaces, churches, countless sculptures in the streets,…

In conclusion: you can travel to Copenhagen with little money and lots of enjoyment. You can’t travel to Copenhagen without a good coat.

One of the lions at the door of Rosenborg Castle

And no matter how many times you go, there will never be a new corner to discover.

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