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Day 4 (Friday): I just had an incredible downturn. I can’t take it anymore. I realize that my body can continue to work, but my head refuses, I am tired of this dynamic.

I get bored, it can’t be more tedious.

This was one of the first drawings I made, simply by combining circles.

Every day is the same, as I have divided the work in two to make the most of my time here. I prepare only the part of the pieces, which yes or yes, I can only do here, leaving the rest for when I return to my workshop in Valencia.

This means a very routine work in which it’s always the same, and I don’t see anything finished because that part will come later. It’s what I want to take full advantage of, what the stone workshop offers me.

I was drawing wherever I could, on old paper, on cardboard, the theme was not to forget anything that was going on in my head.

Above all, the idea of how many things I can do here with absolute normality, which in Spain will be either impossible or very difficult until I manage to buy specific carving tools, weighs heavily on me.

Therefore, everything is cutting, forming, zuñir and polishing. Piece behind piece.

At first I only focused on polishing the cylinders and then being able to work the combinations. In this cylinder you can see the polishing of the outer layer and connection holes.

And it could not be otherwise. My head to said Enough!

That’s it for today. I’m going to pick up my things and go home. Tomorrow I’ll think about what I’m going to do. I rearrange my table, and I value what I’m leaving undone.

I see them again. THE CYLINDERS

Immediately my head connects several thoughts.

This cylinder has already been split in half. You can see in the photo the difference between the polished face and the unpolished face with the marks of the hole making tool.

One: I can no longer with the work I am doing. I have been working exclusively on this for more than a month, I have more than enough material, and if not, then bad luck.

Two: how beautiful are the cylinders.

Three: it’s my last week at Idar.

And, as if I had always been there, an idea appears, and I make a quick decision.

This is one of the pieces that broke, with the big circle I first made the holes and then I tried to polish and it broke with the pressure of the wheels.

I’m going to dedicate the last week of my Exchange to enjoy the stone carving work and the workshop I have here.

I’m going to grab the cylinders and go play. I want to see where I can get with them in a week. Immediately I come up with a lot of ideas. It’s as if my mind, the second after I’ve made the decision to start something else, has unlocked itself.

I feel totally new and full of energy. I can’t wait for tomorrow to start. It is incredible the feeling of strength that produces the illusion to build something new.

When I had them polished, I combined them to see different possibilities and combinations.

Day 5 (Saturday): It’s definitive. My last week will be Cylinder Week. Last night I couldn’t get them out of my head. I started to draw like a crazy person, valuing the possibilities provided by the shape of the cylinder. Thinking about how to cut them or how to place them. There are infinite possibilities, it seems to have no end. Right now I would love to have a hundred cylinders, two hundred.

Working without thinking about concepts, without anything to say, without research without anything, only with the cylinders and their shape. Enjoying. Looking at them, some are broken, there are different colors and different sizes. All of them have important marks from their passage through the drill, cracks from having been hammered, …

A lot of inspiring details, and nothing more…

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