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Day 6 (Sunday): Yesterday I spent the whole day looking at the different combinations offered by the cylinders. I was cutting them and playing with them. Forming different structures. Everything was ideas and possibilities, so today it’s up to me to decide.

One of the most important things I had to keep in mind were the steps to follow and above all their order.

I combine this cylinder with this one, this other one can be left alone, … I have also started to see how I have to focus on the different pieces I want to make. Which processes go first and which later. This point is important so as not to make mistakes, since once the material has been manipulated there is no turning back. And in the first piece I have already made a mistake.

What with any other material would be simple, or at least could be corrected, with stone is not possible. Once we do something, there is no going back.

Error that meant total destruction! I cut a part before polishing, and when I tried to put the part on the wheel, I hooked it and destroyed it.

Good. That’s all right.

Just change the order.

I’ll start again.

First clean the marking part of the machine. Then smooth the part and start removing scratches. Puncture it. Pass it through the rubbers. Polish it. Cut it. Join parts. Adjust the pieces. Good! The process is the right one. More ideas come to me, changes of plane, multiple combinations,…and if I try …

The links in which the cylinders did not touch, were, a priori, the simplest because all joints will be made with metal. But no hole or notch can be missing.

Day 7 (Monday): I only have three days left to finish, so everything has to go smoothly. I see the work raised on the table of the jewelry workshop. It’s time to make decisions. Today I need to prepare five combinations, but I can fail in some. There is a margin. Yesterday I saw the rhythm I can follow and how to pose the pieces. I try not to put myself in machine mode and enjoy the process, also as it is not clear how many pieces will give me time to prepare, the best thing is to start with one and finish it.

In another situation I would work in blocks, but it doesn’t make sense to have the material of five pieces in step two and only one finished.

In the case of the cylinders that were connected, the most important thing was that the seals were the best possible, so that the effect of one cylinder within another would be as natural as possible.

At the end of the day the result is three finished pieces, one more that only needs to be polished, and another that has been broken at the last moment. This indicates that it is time to stop for today.

Conclusion: I am very tired but very happy. The work is coming out and I’m more and more curious to see where I’m going.

Day 8 (Tuesday): Facing the final straight. Buff

I can’t believe it’s gone by today. Overall everything went quite well. I managed to meet the objectives set for today, and I find it surprising because there was a lot of work on my list.

In some cases I joined two cylinders, in others three. Of course, the more parts, the more complication. This agate was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop working with it.

In these days that I have been with the cylinders I have managed to systematize the work enough. It is true that the final result will not be seen until I return to Valencia.

It will be at that moment when I can assess whether or not there are errors, and if they can be solved. But my feelings, my stomach, tells me that everything is going well. This having to work in two, the stone part here and the metal part in Valencia is strange, but it’s the only way to get the most out of the workshop. However, I will have to accept that in this way, there is no margin for error. If I had assumed the metal part I would have finished one or two pieces maximum. That way I’ll carry around ten fingers in my suitcases.

Some cylinders went through and others were on top, it was a matter of testing a lot of possibilities.

What is strange is knowing that tomorrow will be the last day of work, then it’s time to come back.

Day 9 (Wednesday): The day has arrived!

Today is the last day in the workshop and well the reality is that I haven’t been able to work.

I woke up as usual and went to school with the intention of making the most of my last day in the workshop. But I knew it was goodbye too. Saying goodbye to all the people who have accompanied me in these almost six months. And I think that this part has made me more difficult.

This form was the one that came out the most of the way I was working, since they are more tubes than rings, but it gave me some fantastic combinations.

I have arrived at the workshop and I have not seen any sense to continue working. I thought of the image of Zane, a colleague, who spent until the last minute making the most of the machines. But I haven’t been able to. I picked up my box, where the last pieces of stone were to be finished, I looked at them, and I realised that they will travel to Spain as they are, perhaps to remind me of the experience.

At the end of the day there will be cylinders on my treasure shelf. Exactly two cylinders. They will be accompanied by other pieces that have been left in these months.

It doesn’t matter, they will all have their special place.

However, I must not forget that I carry, I think they are nine compositions, ready to transform completely.

In the end it has been passed. Last week enjoying. Very tired but very satisfied with the results.

I can only say that there will be more and I hope to show you soon how all this history of stones and cylinders ends.

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