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I don’t know how many years it’s been since my sister left me her marble collection. I just know that every day I see a pair of glass jars, overflowing with colored spheres, on the shelf at home.

My sister has always liked them, and the truth is that they are an original gift, especially when you find them in an antique shop or flea market.

These are the first earrings I managed to make.

The last one I gave her is a marble die, it couldn’t be funnier, post apart the incredible shop where I found it.

So after so many years seeing them, day after day, I decided that I had to do something with them.

I have always loved the spheres themselves, but the size, small, material, mainly glass, makes them a kind of little treasure of precious stones. I can imagine them without much effort inside a chest on a pirate ship. You can spend hours looking at them, each one is different.

These are the earrings with quartz crystal rock marbles

So, JEWELRY, how could I not?

I had to take a few of them to the workshop and start experimenting, drawing, seeing how far I could go.

The first thing I did with them, a bit roughly, I admit, was to put a diamond bit into one of them. If I manage to make a small hole in it, long enough to put a pin in, it’s a quick and simple solution.

But of course, the first ideas, at least in my case, are not usually the best.

After I managed to make the hole without any major problems, when I returned to the workshop the next day:


Single pendant with a blue marble

The marble had exploded. So, first idea to the trash, to think again.

I didn’t want to just glue the marble to a hood and be done with it. First, because it would come off without any big movements, second, because being a transparent piece of glass you would see all the glue and third, because I don’t like this kind of solutions, for this I studied jewelry.

With all these ideas in mind, I came to my second conclusion. I have to make a kind of metal cage, where the marble enters, from which it can’t get out, and which keeps it loose at all times.

Double pendant with two marbles, in this case in brown.

That’s how I made my first marble earrings. I got so excited that not only did I make a pair with the traditional tricolor marbles, but I bought two rock crystal quartzes and made another pair. In total two pairs, I don’t know how many hours of work, but it proved to be better.

What’s next?

Of course! These first marble earrings I gave to my sister. She was the person who would best understand why such pieces of jewelry. She, in turn, gave away one of the pairs of earrings, the colored one, which I have never heard of again, but the quartz ones, which she kept, I can still see them because she still wears them, and I love to see them.

Long lariat with white marbles. This type of necklace allows several combinations.

About a year went by, more or less, and even though I had managed to make a pair of earrings that were more than acceptable, there was something that I was telling myself I hadn’t completely solved.

So, I started the third phase.

The assembly that I had done for the slopes, was visually very simple, but somewhat cumbersome in construction. I gave the original idea a couple more turns.

And from that couple of turns, a small collection of necklaces and earrings was born.

Now the cage where the marble is is a little bigger and gives a little bit of a feeling that it’s a planet floating inside its rings.

They remind me of planets orbiting on their rings.

I loved it, I can’t say anything else.

I started with a simple pendant, then two marbles, then lariats and finally earrings. The pieces were incredible and finally looked like a collection.

My marble collection.

By making so many pieces I was able to combine a lot of colors and different styles of marbles.

I recognize that my sister put on a face of:

What are you doing with my marbles?

How many have you spent?

But since she liked them, there wasn’t much conflict.


I don’t know if I’m the only crazy person who likes this kind of pieces (now I have another crazy idea with some seeds they gave me that I’ll tell you about), well my sister likes them too, but I keep seeing them and I love them.

They look like small planets orbiting endlessly, I imagine that waiting for some adventurer to go into their depths.

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