The first, and second, steps of a handmade jewelry project


Hello, my name is Beatriz Díaz and I am the person behind the LaBÉ project.

My life has always revolved around art, and in particular sculpture (I studied at BB.AA.). To be able to build things and see how the material changes in your hands. Little by little, new things are being created, everything fits into place, and I can’t say anything else


A few years ago, jewelry, crossed my life in a very casual way, at a dinner with friends. I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about this world, how big it is and what it encompasses. I just know that since then it has become an important pillar in my life.

I studied jewelry in Valencia and finished it in Germany. I have experimented with a lot of materials, techniques and ideas, discovering how much I still have to learn. I’ve gone through moments of maximum concentration doing a piece, of frustration for not getting where I wanted to go, I’ve enjoyed learning new techniques and I’m extending the limits of my patience to unsuspected degrees, that’s what jewelry has to do,


LaBÉ is the name I have chosen for this phase of the process, where I have to keep learning, where I have to put into practice what I have already learned, but above all where I have to show what I am doing.


How to describe in a small text where I move when I’m working.  

I’m a chaotic person and everything gets my attention. So LaBÉ is a lot of things at once, but if I had to take off layers, take off the anecdotes and stick to the basics, I’d probably say that LaBÉ is simple, fun, sincere and natural, a bit like me but in jewelry.

All my pieces are handcrafted, I work mainly with silver and natural stones, although from time to time some object found in a flea market or trace, uncommon materials, in short, with anything that catches my attention.

This is LaBÉ, where you will see diverse pieces, but all of them made with a handcrafted, sustainable, fair and original spirit.


The values with which LaBÉ moves are simple, although for me they are fundamental.

Respect for traditional techniques in the trade, I feel like a craftswoman first and foremost.

Respect for the materials used, as well as their use, always seeking sustainability in all phases of the work, collaborating as much as possible to a balanced development.

I respect my work, and therefore that of my colleagues, not copying ideas and not looking for short and easy ways, but false.

And of course, I respect the person who decides to invest in my work and who is the final point of my process, looking for what I receive to be what has been presented and wishing me to enjoy it.

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