Onyx and Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Ring


Onyx and Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Ring


This ring is of the solitary type, although in this case it has two stones instead of one, a deep black onyx and a rose quartz, all mounted on a sterling silver band with an organic texture.

It will become your favorite piece, the everyday ring, the one that if one day you don’t wear it you feel naked, your perfect companion.

The whole piece is very bright and beautiful, while it is a very comfortable ring to wear.

It is a fantastic gift, because not for you, or for your partner, your sister or a good friend. The rings with natural stones are a classic that never goes out of fashion.

But if you prefer other kind of stones like citrines or amazons, just contact me and we will surely find a solution. Just tell me what stone you want and what size you need.

Besides, by buying this ring, you are helping the development of a sustainable trade that defends the traditional know-how.

This kind of rings with an organic texture band, can have slight variations with the one in the picture.



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