Natural Dendrite Sterling Silver Necklace


Natural Dendrite Sterling Silver Necklace


Pendant made of dark sterling silver with a beautiful natural dendrite opal. The shape of the pendant is irregular, following the natural shape of the opal, which shows all the play of blues, as if it were the sea bed, caused by the mineral incrustations it has.

It is a very special piece, since the formations and drawings that present this type of stones are unique and unrepeatable. As if the fingerprints of the opal, there are no two alike.

This necklace is prepared so that the pendant rests on the sternum, with a chain of 47 cm. (18.5 “) in sterling silver-plated steel. The length of the chain can be changed, if you prefer another size, just send me a message and that’s it.

It is a very special gift for someone very dear, since it is a piece of jewelry that will accompany us all our lives and to which we will surely give a story, which will be added to the one that already has the stone itself.

This piece is completely handmade, from the stone, which has been cut by me, using techniques typical of stone cutting, to all the metal work. So you buy a piece that preserves the artisan techniques of jewelry making.



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