Gold and Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Ring


Gold and Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Ring


Making men’s jewelry is always a challenge. Being original, comfortable and masculine are basic for a good design, and I think that with this ring, I have achieved a nice piece, both for him and for her, where the contrast of blackened silver plays with the beautiful brightness of gold.

It’s the perfect ring for a couple who want to give rings of the alliance type to celebrate a special date or anniversary day.

You choose the size, and both the texture and the placement of gold, made the whole process of craft, will make your ring unique and unrepeatable.

As it is a thin band ring, it is very comfortable to wear and allows you to combine it with other types of rings, either on the same finger or others.

This ring of silver and gold I send you, in an origami box made by me, where I tried to avoid the use of plastic to the maximum, and that is perfect as a gift box.


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