Garnet Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


Garnet Sterling Silver Stud Earrings




Natural Red Gemstone Sterling Silver Stud Earrings, Garnet Round Post Earrings, Small Natural Stone Earrings, Second Hole, Jewelry Gift

Pair of mini earrings with two intense round garnets mounted on sterling silver.

These earrings, where the two garnets are the protagonists, are perfect for everyday life, both for their size and for their design, in a classic and simple style, which allows them to be worn with any type of clothing.

If you like the design, but you prefer a different type of natural stone, because of the color or because you are in love with the X stone, just tell me and I will mount the earrings with the stone you want.

This type of earrings are perfect for me. I’m a person who doesn’t usually wear many earrings, since I don’t feel comfortable if they’re very big or very ornate. For that reason, I usually make a type of earring, very simple of lines and where the nobility of the materials, in this case the natural garnets, is the most outstanding.

The earrings have a length of 1 cm (0.39″) by 0.8 cm (0.31″) wide. The round garnet cabochon is 0.6 cm (0.23″) in diameter.

The garnet is the generic name that encompasses different types of minerals with the same crystalline structure and refers to the fruit, for the similarity of color. Since antiquity is a stone very considered in jewelry.

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