Opaline Sterling Silver Ring


Opaline Sterling Silver Ring


This is one of my favorite pieces, because I love big rings. It may seem silly, but they make me feel good, powerful, owner of everything around me.

It’s made of sterling silver, with a light hammered texture and a double band with a hammered texture as well. The whole ensemble is darkened, so that the black silver contrasts as much as possible with the opaline.

It’s a big ring and it’s very comfortable because it doesn’t have much weight and the band is well adjusted to the finger, you never know which day you have to go dancing, and that day a ring can’t prevent you from being free.

Just tell me the size you wear, or the size of the person you want to give it to, and I will make a special ring for you. I’ll send it to you in a handmade origami box, so you don’t have to worry about anything, if it’s a gift.

This piece can show small variations with respect to that of the photo, because it is a handmade work, where it is impossible that two pieces are equal. Besides, I like that the pieces always have some feature that differentiates them, so that they are unique.

All that’s left is to enjoy it.


Additional information

Ring size

8 1/4, 9


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