Moonstone Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


Moonstone Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


Moonstone Stud Earrings, Moonstone Round Cabochon Earrings, Natural Stone Post Earrings, 4mm Multiple Piercings Earrings, Every Day Wear

Mini pair of earrings with rounded shape and two cabochons of 4 mm moonstone. These simple earrings are mounted on sterling silver, and depending on how the light falls on the natural stone will show precious and intense shades of blue.

If you like the design, but you prefer a different type of natural stone, because of the color or because you are in love with the X stone, just tell me and I will mount the earrings with the stone you want.

They are perfect for people like me who don’t usually wear earrings. They are small, comfortable and discreet, with a moonstone that will change tonality depending on the light.

We can wear them with any type of outfit and they are ideal for everyday life because of their size.

The earrings are 0.8 cm (0.1″) long by 0.6 cm (0.23″) wide. The round garnet cabochon is 0.4 cm (0.16″) in diameter.

The moonstone is a variety of adularia, within the group of feldspars, is called with this name by the characteristic of the adularescencia, which are those bluish shines that despises depending on how it affects the light. This leads to confuse it with the white labradorite.


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